Hi everyone, my name is Becky Savage. Thank you so much for taking the time to explore our website and learn a little more about the 525 Foundation.

The last year and a half has been a life-altering experience, both for me and my entire family, as we learn to live without the presence of our two oldest sons. It is amazing that one decision, a short moment in time, could change the course of our future forever. Our sons Nick and Jack passed away on June 14, 2015 after attending graduation parties with friends. What we now know is that they were participating in underage drinking, and at some point during the night they were both offered a pill, and they took it. The pill they took was oxycotin. I was the one to discover Jack unresponsive in his bed, and later that morning paramedics pronounced Nick dead in our basement.

Nick and Jack’s story is one you have likely heard before, and will likely hear again, and that is why we have created the 525 Foundation. We plan to do everything we can to prevent a story like theirs to come across your news feed again, affecting another family as tragically as ours. Life is so precious, and young people often feel invincible. We feel it is our duty to spread the knowledge necessary for young adults to make smart decisions so that they can make the most of their futures.

As to date we have made 12 public appearances at high schools and conferences where we have reached over 11,000 people! Wow! Just think of the potential this has to make a difference in someone’s life… one life at a time.

Nick and Jack’s story did not end on June 14, 2015… Their earthly presence did, but their story is just getting started, and they will make a difference in our world just like I know they would have if they were still with us.

Please keep checking back. I will be posting here from time to time to share my thoughts and experiences, and the progress we are making with the Foundation. Thanks again for stopping by, it means so much to us.