Dear Savage Family,

I wanted to take a moment that tell you how grateful I am that you shared your family’s story on Megyn Kelly Today Show yesterday.

I am a mother of four. My oldest two children are 13 year old twin boys. They describe a lot like Nick and Jack. Opposite personalities but the best of friends. Insert Lacrosse instead of Hockey in our case and their grades aren’t quite as good as your guys, but they are really good boys. They don’t give us any concern other than the typical teen attitude on occasion. We have spoken very openly with them about drugs, alcohol, as well as prescription drugs over the years.

Your story stuck my husband and I so much that we recorded the segment and the four of us sat and watched it together last night after our younger two were off to bed. Your story stunned them and opened up another evening of healthy dialogue about a difficult and dark subject, that sadly all of our children will face at some point in their lives.

I am writing to you simply to say thank you and to tell you that what you are doing is a gift to other families. It must be agonizing sometimes, to tell strangers about the tragic night that took two of your treasures, but it is not in vane. Thank you so much for all that you do.

Love and prayers of peace to you all,
Liz and Scott Dingée